17 décembre 2011

Randies from Outer Space

Landscape with Rain by Emma Wilde ( Lushlight)
Snowdon Skyline by Emma Wilde (Lushlight)
Linda Bergkvist & Unknown
Maurizio Anzeri

Alexandre Isidore Leroy de Barbe & Alberto Seveso
Andrej Glusgold
Ansel Adams & Annegret Soltau

Bocydium Globulare

Anna Elena Babusso

Andrew Wyeth, Christmas Morning

Dave Murray & Dima Chatrov

Graca Loureiro
Dimitije Popovic & Unknown

Evelyn de Morgan, Helen of Troy & Unknown
Masaki Yada
Francesco Carrozzini, make up by Gina Brooke

Iris Apfel

Georges Washington Bridge by Sam Falk
Henri Cartier Bresson & Inge Morath

Maurizio Anzeri
Jenny and Lee & Jessica Harrison
Lidia Kalibatas
Choi Xooang
David Linn & Unknown
Lucy Gaylord
Leonor Fini & Lily Cole by unknown photographer

Marian Marsh & Unknown 
Oliver Shilling

Max Bucaille & Martin H Miller
Pamukkale Travertine Pools, Turkey
Patrick Demarchelier for Dior & Phyllis Galembo

Ronald Falloon & Peter Coulson

Silviu and Irina Székely

Suzanne van Damme

Tang Yau Hoong & Anselm Kiefer
Andreas Feininger

Zurbaran, Saint Lucy detail

Book markers made out of my test paper sheets.
Vittorio Polidori
James Guppy & Unknown