25 mai 2012

Jaime Brett Treadwell & Rands

Jaime Brett Treadwell is an american oil painter born and raised, living and working in Philadelphia. And he says : I am intrigued by my social surroundings ranging from small neighborhood cultural identities to grander differences among rural, urban, and suburban life. I find pleasure merging conflicting imagery, design, and color. I often use vivid cheerful colors to masquerade or obscure the realities within my paintings. Recent paintings suggest gypsy-like carnival communities isolated from others, prepared to travel, re-settle, and re-create their own versions of utopia. I fuse imagery from various time periods and cultures to construct a communal habitat for religious icons, fairies, cherubs, nymphs, dancers, and prostitutes that appear to live in a world of harmony. 

More work is visible on his website www.jaimetreadwell.com

Tomas Sanchez

Salvador Dali

Markus Schinwald

Damien Hirst by Rankin

Werner Neumann

 David Hockney Polaroids

Barron Claiborne

Peggy Moffitt & Bill Barminski
 Adam Lau
  James Houston & Burt Glinn
Chanel Cruise 2013
Jeroen Allart & Lena Manakai

John Dominis 

Pablo Roversi & Norman Rockwell
 Jehad Nga

 Wallace Chan
Tomas Sanchez & Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Pietro Annigoni

Sir Stanley Spencer, Self-portrait, 1914

 Markus Schinwald & Kayt Jones
Robert Capa, D-Day Landing, Omaha Beach

Daria Pitak

Tomas Sanchez

Michele Bulgherini & Tomas Sanchez
 Eugène delacroix, La Mort de Sardanapale
 Buccelati 1950