22 février 2011

Walton Ford

❦ http://www.newyorker.com/online/multimedia/051212_waltonford

❦ Walton Ford is an American watercolorist living and working in Grand Barrington, Massassuchest. He paints life-scale naturalists illustrations, including extracts of colonialist literature, folktales or travelling guides and builds allegories denouncing the excesses of the human gender over times, and their impact on its environment and society. His studio is filled with all kinds of literary material he uses simultaneously to painting, books he never buys brand new or in luxury editions as they are destined to be used and worn out.
"Never lend me a book", he says, "it will end up covered with a coat of paint and a fractured cover." His work is fascinating, treasuring many options of travels through wonders of shapes and colors, energy of compositions, and existential reflexions.

❦ Publication:  Walton Ford, Pancha Tantra - Taschen.