5 juin 2011


Clear Channel, Scott Green, 2004

A Coast Line in Jamaica, Frederic Edwin Church, 1865.

Haley Mcbride

David Hamilton

Dorothea Lange

Emily Miranda Claw

Hasisi Park

Entre les Vagues, Ivan Aivazovsky, 1898

The Billowing Sea, Ivan Aivazovsky, 1889

Louise Bourgeois Embroidery

Jean Moral

Kin Ichi Ogata, Bean Chair

David Hamilton

Kashiwado Chair

Photographer Peter Beard working on his diaries in Kenya.

Night Hauling, Andrew Wyeth, 1944

David Hamilton

Kate McDowell

Dorothea Lange

Ralph Lauren

Alexander McQueen

Radi Designers

Above the Narrows, Andrew Wyeth's painting of his teenage son,
 sold at Christie's New York for $6,9 million in 2009.

Anne Vallayer, 1769

Stan Vanderbeek