22 juillet 2011

Neil Krug, Brooke Shaden & Other Dreams

Neil Krug

Brooke Shaden

Anton Otto Fisher

Femme au Coquillage, by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1885

Theatre of the Absurd, by Armene & Oleg Dou

One of these past nights, I had a dream where I was standing in a white room. On a white wall, a light bookshelf, on the bookshelf, many books, but one, larger than the others, white, with a name written in bold and black letters stayed as a reminiscent print when I woke up and whilst the rest of the dream was fading away. RAPP, it said. I looked it up on the internet, to see where it would lead... And found out about this rather disturbing artist, Otto Rapp, who draws the nauseous world of odd dreams and nightmares, we all, sometimes get caught in. A strange visitation...

Dorian Gourg, Paris 2010

A distant Thunder, by Andrew Wyeth & Unknown

Tales of Rain and Moon, Aurélie Gourg 2011

Lucifer, by Thomas Hafner

Aneta Bartos

Pablo Reinoso

Cy Twombly

Slice of Honeycomb Agate

Unknown & Malik Sidibé

Christian Lacroix 2009-2010

Huang-Shan, by Marc Riboud

Spellbound Dream designed by Dali

Lasse Hoile

    N.C. Wyeth & Gregory Manchess        

Untitled, by Sarah Lownes
La Nuit, by Auguste Raynaud

Dorian Gourg, Iguazu 2010


Tangled Nature, by Dan May

Dorian Gourg, New York 2009