11 août 2011

Randoms of Summer

Puck, by Richard Dadd, 1841

Rosita Moekins

Jonathan Wateridge

Street Art

Werner Rohde & Hiroshi Nonami

Alfred Stieglitz & Robert Peake

Charles Ernest Debelle

Alvin Langdon / Unknown

Sarah Moon

Tod Lindenmuth

                                             Tod Lindenmuth & Wols

Clifford Coffin

Training in a centrifuge, by Albert Pushkarev, 1977

Trees entirely wrapped up by giant spiderwebs after a flooding in 2010 in Pakistan 
Wrapped trees, by the artists couple Christo & Jeanne- Claude

Jean Shrimpton

                                     Photographer unknown & Cedric Arnold

Jakub Kujawa

Edgar Maxence
Edgar Maxence

The Kachido, japanese divers, unknown artist.
Lionel Feininger, 1932

                                        Aaron Siskind & The first arrival of the Tour de France

Mark Steinmetz

Alexander McQueen
Illustration for the book Le Horla, written by Maupassant.

Edward Hopper, Ground Swell, 1939

Roger Mayne / R. Redford by unknown photographer

Seimiya Naobumi


Edgar Maxence & Salvador Dali, Flores Surrealistas, 1938

David Hamilton